ZOMATO - Data added in Finvezto App

“Don’t know if we’ll succeed, but will surely give it our best.” - Shareholders might not be very happy with this recent statement by Zomato Founder Deepinder Goyal. There are few other things shareholders might not be happy about regarding FY 2021.

• Operating Profit = -334 Crores
• Net Profit = -886 Crores
• Free Cash Flow = -320 Crores

The financials are not looking good at the moment. But, there are things that look good too.

• Food Delivery Market Share in India = 45%
• There are about 1.4 Million Zomato Pro Subscribers.
• 15% of their Revenues are from outside India. (Encouraging)
• 1 out of 5 Zomato users orders food at least once a month. This is likely to increase.

Great things take time to build, don’t they. But, do shareholders have the patience? Only time will tell.

Just highlighted a few pointers here. You could delve deeper into these data points using the Finvezto App. Attaching few snapshots from the App.

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