🆕 You can now check the Points contributed by a Stock to Nifty 50

Using this table, you can figure out the impact & points contributed by a particular stock to Nifty 50. It is calculated based on the weightage of Stock in Nifty 50 and the day’s change. You can sort the table to see the highest contributor.


After the fall in stock markets last year, Reliance recovered strongly (you know why).

During a certain phase in that recovery, Reliance alone contributed ~1500 points to Nifty 50.

Today, Bajaj Finance and Bajaj Finserv alone have contributed 25 points to the Nifty 50 (Index).

How are these “Points Contributed” calculated & why is it important?

It is calculated based on the “Free Float Market Capitalization (FFMC)” of the Stock and the “% change” of the stock during that time period.

Currently, based on the FFMC, Reliance has a 9.03% weightage in Nifty 50. It keeps changing every day. This weightage (9.03%) multiplied by the day’s change should give you the impact Reliance had on Nifty 50 during that trading day. Reliance contributed ~8.38 points to the Nifty 50 today.

You can use this info in several ways. If a particular stock or a group of stocks (Sectors) in the Nifty 50 are witnessing a breakout, then you can estimate the impact it could have on the Nifty 50.

For example, a +10% move in Reliance alone could easily move the Nifty up 100+ points.

If you are an Options Seller, you can estimate the range of Nifty 50 using this method.

To make it easy for you, we have added the Points contributed data in the Finvezto App. Do check it out.