Stock of the Week (Oct 31, 2021) || Leader in Footwear|| Finvezto Top 100

Relaxo Footwear || Finvezto Top 100 Stock Analysis with Key Levels

This week, we are presenting to you the report of Relaxo Footwear. We will be covering one stock every week as part of the Finvezto Top 100 series.

Few Pointers on Relaxo

  1. Market Leading Player in Footwear.
  2. In-house Manufacturing Capability.
  3. Pan India Reach with products selling across 50000+ outlets in India.
  4. Strong Brands including Relaxo, Sparx, Bahamas etc catering to multiple segments.
  5. Debt free and Cash Rich company.

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Finvezto Top 100

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Highlights of Finvezto 100 Framework

  • Quality Check - Is it a Good Business? Are the Sales & Profits of Good Quality?

  • Safety Check - Is it a Risky Business to invest in? Any Red Flags?

  • Value Check - Is it Cheap, Costly, or Fair?

  • Mind Value of Investors - We track Insider & Institutional Buying/Selling across days, weeks & years. At what levels they are accumulating the stock?

  • Detailed Peer Evaluation - Understand why the market is giving a higher or lower valuation to a company compared to its peers.

  • Red Flags & Accounting Frauds Check

  • Competitive Edge & MOAT Assessment

  • Intrinsic Value Compounding Rate - Is the company able to reinvest in itself and generate attractive returns?
    The share price growth is almost always higher than this rate.

  • Is Future Growth Expectation already discounted in Price? If yes, how much?

  • Earnings Retention Test

  • Economic Value Added (EVA) Assessment

  • Common Size Statement Analysis

  • DuPont Analysis

  • Sector Specific Analysis for Banks & Financial Services

  • Consolidated Financial Statements in an Easy-to-Visualize Format

  • You will never invest in poor-quality stocks again. Remember Rule #1. Never lose money by taking unnecessary risks.