Stock of the Week (Dec 25, 2021) || A Food & Beverages Giant with Huge Opportunity || Finvezto Top 100

Food & Beverages Giant || Finvezto Top 100

This week, we are presenting to you the report on a stock that is on its way to becoming a Food & Beverages giant.

Few Pointers on the Stock:

  1. Strong Brand Portfolio
  2. Strong Distribution network
  3. The company is exploring new Product Categories thereby creating diverse revenue streams. The food and beverage products created by the company could be consumed at any time of the day.
  4. Ability to generate Free Cash Flow for its shareholders consistently. Over the last 2 years, the company has generated Free Cash Flow of about 2200 Crores for its shareholders.
  5. Consistent & Increasing Dividend Payout.
  6. The Stock has fallen 22% from its recent highs and some institutions have already accumulated the Stock during the recent dip.

We will be covering one stock every week as part of the Finvezto Top 100 series . The report below is available to those who have subscribed for Finvezto Top 100. The Finvezto Toolkit is also included along with the Subscription.

Link to Presentation Below

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