Regarding RBI Monetary Policy

Hello everyone,
Will affect RBI Monetary policy for Bank Nifty? Whether rise or fall .Not assuming connecting all data. Time and date please tell anyone?

Dear Mr. Moorthi,

      Kindly ignore these kind of noises... Make your strategy and start trading... If you're investigating these things deeply, you'll be never going to make money out of market...

Spend your time on Reading chart… Focus the price movements… Question yourself, “Why did the price reverse from a certain point??..”

Stick on few instruments… The more time you spend with the price movements, the more clearer you can guess/tell the next move…


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only a man who replied all my questions that’s you mr ANTO … you are really a great man thanks lot for sharing a valuable knowledge and time Remember newton’s third law you will get that …

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I’m humbled Mr. @Moorthi_RKO

I’ve no clue how to relate the law… Could you please elaborate it??..


For every action there is equal and opposite reaction. In tamil , neengal nalladhu seidhal nalladhu ungaluku kidaillum , kettadhu seidhal kettadhu ungalukku kidaikkum . I know little bit english that’s why in tamil…

You have mentioned that "stick on few instruments " Please tell me those are instruments. Because I don’t know it will help me to improve my knowledge …

Dear Mr @Moorthi_RKO,

I’m trying to help people make money from the mistakes I learned… So, you can believe my ideas/advice 90% of the time… DO NOT over learn/think about market… As I said earlier in some post, over learning is over killing as far as the market is concerned… Learn to build a strategy… Spend time with chart… Question yourself about the chart… Try to find answers (Definitely Noone can answer though you can convince yourself at some point) then apply the knowledge/findings gained from the chart into your trading entries/exit…

Few instruments in the sense, few stocks… I’m concentrating the following,

  1. NIFTY
  4. XAUUSD(International market)

Out of which 4th one gives me enormous return… In the spare time I’ll be looking for USDINR scalping… When I do, I post the same in the community too… If you want you can make use of it…

நானும் தமிழன் தான்… பிற மொழி மக்களும் இதை தொடர்வதால் ஆங்கிலத்தில் பதிவிடுகிறேன்… புரியாத பகுதியை கேளுங்கள்… தாராளமாக விவரிக்கிறேன் என் அறிவிற்குட்பட்டு…!



Thank you MR.ANTO. You are correct. Can we build strategies for option buying ?If yes please give some strategies for option buying…From now I will change everything… Thank you for your valuable information, knowledge and time

Good to see such healthy discussions. Keep them going. @Anto @Moorthi_RKO

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Sir enakku purila please tamil language sollunga. Enakku English konjam thaan theriyum so please tamil language sollunga

Pleasure is mine @Anand bro… It’s my dream lifting up people…


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Mr. @Moorthi_RKO,

Would you want me to teach or just direct??..

நான் உங்களுக்கு கற்றுத்தர விரும்புகிறீர்களா (அ) வழி காட்ட விரும்புகிறீர்களா??..

Sir neenga enakku teach pannunga?

Well Mr. @Moorthi_RKO… I don’t know which kind of personality you are…! If you ask me, I’ve no patience… So, I always choose fast pace and high liquidity instruments… So, you need to first decide,

  1. How much money are you going to invest??..
  2. How much do you ready to loose??..
  3. How long are you going to hold a position??..
  4. How quickly your order should get filled??..(liquidity)

After deciding all these points, pick your stocks and tell me…