Portfolio Builder & Insights - Finvezto App

Portfolio Builder & Insights

Get instant insights into your portfolio of stocks. This feature is available in the Finvezto App. Check it out!

Introduction to Portfolio Builder

How to use the Portfolio Builder

There are 2 simple steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Go to the Portfolio Tab and start adding Stocks.


We require only 3 inputs from you to give insights into your portfolio. We will take care of the rest.

  1. The Stock Name

  2. Number of Shares Purchased

  3. Price at which it was Purchased.

You can add as many stocks and transactions as you wish. You can also edit or delete them at a later point if you sell the stock.

Your Portfolio is visible only to you. We have strict privacy built into the App. Even folks at Finvezto cannot see your portfolio. Your Stock secrets will always be yours and only yours.

Step 2: Once you finish adding Stocks, you will see a Flash button with Instant Insights.


Portfolio Insights

You will be getting a long list of insights into your portfolio. Some are listed below.

  1. Portfolio Weights based on Stocks & Sectors invested.

  2. Exposure to Giant, Large, Mid & Small Cap.

  3. Revenue Exposure by Product Segment - For example, is your portfolio too reliant on Steel or Power? This will tell you if your portfolio is exposed to cyclicality.

  4. Revenue Exposure by Geography - Are your portfolio companies earning from China or Japan? Are future revenues under risk?

  5. Stock-wise performance - Which stocks are doing well and which aren’t.

  6. Dividends you can expect from your portfolio along with Dividend Yield%

  7. Beta of your Portfolio - How is it moving compared to Nifty?

  8. Are there any Market Leaders in Portfolio? Who are they?

  9. Are the Promoters of your holding companies buying or selling the shares?

  10. How has the recent Quarter been for stocks in your portfolio?

  11. More Features in the App…