Open interest regarding

Hello sir,
Open interest accurate illanu soldreenga sir.morning 9.15 a.m market open aagumbodhirundhu eppo yellam open interest change aagudho adha live market la eppadi accurate data va therinchikiradhunu sollunga sir?adha therinchikka paid option irundha sollunga sir Naan paid pandra.adhoda serthu innoru data venum sir. So please help me sir

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Hi Moorthi,

Open Interest is never accurate in the live market. Even if you pay, you cannot get the accurate data. Trades are only executed in the live market, but not cleared or settled. Trading Intraday based only on Open Interest is not advised. Please use it only as a guidance in the live market. Do not rely completely on it.

End of Day OI data is the most accurate data.

Ok thank you for clarification. Bank nifty premium membership evvalo sir and eppadi join pandradhu?