Nifty options - CALL SELL strategy

Hi Anand, included Nifty analysis . We can share FNO nifty option analysis also.
As per daily or weekly Nifty range. We can post CALL and Put option SELL strategy.
Now NIFTY taking resistance at 15930. So we can sell NIFTY 16100 or above CALL options . We will have 150 points Nifty safety and 100 or few premium points to make profit . Even if Nifty goes up 1 or 2 percentage in week or month, we will be in small profit. If Nifty goes down by 1 to 2 percentage.We will be in 3 to 5 percentage for each CALL option we SELL.

Kindly check and contact me ARUNKUMAR - 7708268331.If u like above analysis.


@arunkumar379 Thanks for taking the initiative to post.

Options selling (Capturing Theta decay) is definitely powerful. Please feel free to post your analysis/ strategies and discuss them with other members of the community.

It would be great if you can maintain a template.

  • Option Duration - Weekly or Monthly
  • Option Type - Call or Put
  • Strike price sold
  • Premium Expected
  • Capital Required
  • Adjustments required
  • Analysis done - Charts + Open Interest + Volume + Institutional Analysis
  • Etc…

A format like this might help bring a structure and fellow traders can learn from it. Feel free to structure it however you want.



I am small investor give some analysis for buy call / put, sell I cannot do in f&o.

Bhaskar T M

Hi bhaskartm, if u have very small capital .do not buy call and put option.Easly u may lose whole capital.invest in cash segment alone.


Only focus on cash segment like swing trades. Focus on breakout stocks with decent return %. Plz dont fall in option buying trap. that won’t work always. And there is also no waiting period it will eat up your entire capital.
If you are much interest in buying options go with hedging.

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