National Asset Monetization Plan

Todays news about national monetization plan (NMP), which will have a great impact in the stock market. But many of us do not know about the companies or stocks that will be benefitted by the NMP, in the aviation sector, railways, power transmission, telecom, coal mines etc. Can you throw some light on such companies, which will take part in NMP and stocks that will be benefitted. For example, in telecom sector, GOVT may monetize MTNL tower usage by all telecom companies, so MTNL stock may surge gradually in the next few sessions. In Aviation sector, air port operations and maintenance may be given to private companies, so companies like Adani group, Tata group, GMR group, may participate and their connected stocks may rally gradually. In power transmission, Power Grid assets may be monetized, so Power grid stock may go up, and Adani transmission, Kalpataru power etc. may participate in power transmission asset monetization. In the next few days, please analyze and inform through your daily market reports. Sorry that the comment has become large.


Good observations @Doraiswamy_Krishnamo. Our Finance Minister did throw some hints around the monetization plan during the budget session. This seems to be a more structured announcement around the same.

Even if we find stocks that could benefit from this announcement, it is important to check the price action and key levels before we buy them. Let me dig deeper into this.

Thank you for posting.

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