Indicators Exposed || Do they really work? What I found after 10000+ hours of Trading

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Hello sir ,
I am new to stock market .I really don’t believe any indicators because stock market works based on human emotions, psychology ,sentiments, demand and supply and traps by some big players. But I have been watching lot of YouTube channel and telegram mainly cpr indicator and order flow ,OI pulse analysis,trade achieversmost people are telling (by reading comments )after applying these all give results accurately 60 % to 80% I really don’t understand sir .in pivot call YouTube channel almost above 500 people join for 1599 rs premium membership for a month only for EOD. All people are trapping by like these person I am sure .why people are like innocent. Why they don’t think themselves .Sir let me tell you please honestly how does stock market work? Please clarify for this how do think big players?

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Good observation Mr. Moorthy… If you ask how it works, I’ve no particular answer… But, if you ask me “Why does it work??..” Simple, to pull money out from your pocket… There are,

  1. Operators
  2. Brokers
  3. Insiders
  4. Scammers and so on…

To beat all of 'em you need to design your own system of less failure… Don’t ask me how to design a system… Nothing is stupid if it works…! Download historical data… Feed it in excel… Do your math(if excel is new to you, you can find tutorials on youtube) and derive it to a system… Now, live test the system… If you’re satisfied, go for it… Over learning is over killing(indicators, algos, automation…) Be simple and profitable…!



Thank you for your valuable information and time Mr.Anto…

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Mr. Moorthi,

Suggestion: You may buy NIFTY @15863 with target 20 points… [Aware of the risk]

EDIT01: Stoploss hit: @15843… It was a failure trade…

EDIT02: If you didn’t place a stoploss your loss should be 15863-16694(day’s low)=169 points…

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Hello Mr.Anto,
Do you trading methodology of big players (FII,DII,BROKERS,INSIDERS,ALGO TRADERS AND THOSE WHO ARE HAVING CRORES OF MONEY).If you know please share with me.If you want to buy with huge quantity, you must need huge sell quantity (sell orders) and if you want to sell with huge quantity, you must need huge buy quantity (buy orders) then only maket make sudden move down side or up side.otherwise market doesn’t move anywhere. Here my point is how big players find huge sell orders or buy orders and how do they think Please let me know Mr.Anto and finding huge orders what they do. Everyday option sellers collect premium crores crores of my point is why no body connects with open interest, volume,price action and premium. If we connect premium for put writers (LONG POSITION CREATERS)and premium for call writers (SHORT POSITION CREATERS)and price action, fii and dii cash flow and big players trading method can we get any idea Mr.Anto

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Thanks for your suggestion. First up all I want to learn not to earn ,sorry to say this Mr.Anto I am always searching of big players trading methodology…

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Dear Mr. Moorthi,

Smart money never wait for a move… It make the move… Imagine if they want to buy a stock at INR 10(currently trading @ INR 15) they’ll just toss in 20-30% of their allocated capital(for that particular stock) to drag down the price… What happens next, people who hold their position will start to close it… Selling wave is initiated at this point… The smart money achieved their goal… Now, the buy orders which were already punched by 'em will get triggered and move the market a bit up… Their breakeven price should be equal to the price they paid to make a downfall + the price they paid to accumulate the stock @ INR 10…

They’ll wait for the market to go up “Naturally” by spreading positive news&reviews of the stock with the help of quarterly report and stock operators… Let’s assume the firm(the stock they bought) didn’t perform well, yet they have got a way to project it’s profitable…

About the number of shares… Shares are available enough to trade… We need not to worry about it… They want this game to run on… So, they’ll make it ready available by stock split… Don’t overthink about number of stock…

There’s a term called upper and lower circuit hit…
Upper circuit: No one is ready to sell
Lower circuit: No one is ready to buy

More of it you can get info online…


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Now I understood something. Thank you Mr.Anto :handshake:

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