Help us improve Finvezto App

Dear Investors & Traders,

If you are a Finvezto App user, please provide feedback so that we can make it better for all of us.

  • What other data points would you like to see with respect to Stocks?
  • What more Screeners would you like to see?
  • What other visualizations would you like to have?
  • Any other general feedback regarding the App.

The App was built by Traders/Investors for Traders/Investors. Any development to assist the community would be implemented as soon as possible. Contribute & Help us grow.

You can leave your feedback here as a reply. Thanks a lot!


App looks cool. Thanks for your work.

When we view chart of a stock it only showing the present price. If we click 1W/ID/1Y/5Y/MAX u can incorporate low and high price with the percentage of change. also we are not able to hover in chart for the price in ups/downs.

Hard work pays off. Good work. Hats off to you.

Many more to come. All the best.


@santo170389 Point noted. Thanks for your feedback. Keep them coming.

Hi there,
First of all … congratulations on the successful launch…App has lot of breadth covered…looks very informative especially liking the connections thought where u could link the day to day used product to a company… ( Do we have any publicly listed companies for drones (UAV) and IT data centers in India? - couldn’t find it in connections :slight_smile: )

One main suggestion I had is on the continuous scroll…even though it looks smooth it could throw off an user from his experience as he may be tired scrolling …
Suggestion: Could you explore an accordion option? Where user can tap on it so that it hides everything under it and user can tap to open only what he wants to view so that all those exhaustive lists gets wrapped under accordions on screen.

This could help with better Ux than scrolling long

I will try to use it more and keep suggesting if I find any - great going - congratulations again to the team

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We will keep adding connections to the database as we find them. Please let us know if you find it (along with the source). We will add it to the DB so that it is useful for everyone.

Valid point, will think through this and the accordion in the next development.

Thanks for taking time out to contribute.

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First of all hearty congratulations for launching this app…
Very useful one but my suggestion is that develop dark theme UI which many users able to use anytime…
Thank u…

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  1. Can you create a scanner which shows opening candle on CPR .
  2. Another scanner , breaking the previous week high and low.
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sir, kindly add candle stick chart, with multiple time frame view.

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Please add scanner breaking previous day high and low(PRB scanner)

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Congratulations for your next level

Dear bro,

   Hope you're doing well... Just now took a glance... 
  1. Don’t make a lengthy scrollable screen… Make as a multiple screen app…(I know the difficulties making multiple screen app) Make a sectoral button grid arrangement and each button opens new screen with top stocks…

  2. Try to incorporate fibonacci ratio GUI design… Present UI has font, spacing mismatch in terms of golden ratio…

Except the presentation it’s an all in one tool… Very powerful… Very… Very powerful…! Keep up the good work… :+1: :relaxed:

sir one small request…if we’ve a virtaul investing and trading options in the app means it it is very useful for us to analyse and improve our accuracy.

Dear Sir,
The app is very nice and very useful. I am eagerly waiting for your app. if possible please add about IPO, it’s also very useful, and Thank you for your support…

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  1. Please have reply button on top so that it will be userfriendly instead of dragging down
  2. Sir the desktop view is small and can be a tab size with more space or can be responsive . Please try responsive to all mobiles tabs and system. your webdesigners can do that so that you can target all in one.
  3. can have news scroll bar… flashing which changes the market… like chinese interference which changes the market temporarily. etc
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Will implement this by next week.

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Sir, I am unable to see the option of install app in chrome after sign up. I am android user.

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Please click on “Open Finvezto”. I think you have already added it to your home screen.

Hi Anand
Your app is fine & good…should have taken lot of efforts…well done.
Please include B Nifty analysis also in the daily post…