Finvezto app regarding

Hello sir ,
I really appreciate your wonderful app by your hard work you achieved sir, I am saying honestly a best app for stock market I never found like this. But you need some improvement. I am not happy because there is use for option buyer and you would not have given any information and tool for option buyer. If you will do it will be better and it will reach easily to people. Because people are( poor mindset)looking instant gratification not delaying gratification( rich mindset)that’s why lot of people interested in option buying. Please add some more features as well as chart.Once again it’s really fantastic app no one can find this. Sorry to say this pepole never look valuable one reach to all people. Thank you sir

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Dear Mr. Moorthi,

Options mainly played with edge… If you want to buy an option kindly check the option buildups… You can find it in OI chart very easily… As you’re interested in buying, just make your mind, ''The maximum no of options built at call side is your ceiling and the maximum no of options built at put side is your floor…"

From the above thumb rule you can decide where to buy CALL/PUT… If the price is stagnating around ceiling, you’ll buy PUT option and around floor, you’ll buy CALL option… Floating loss should be considered…! Trade at your own risk… Happy trading… :chart:



Thank you Mr.Anto for your valuable time,information and response