Does MIS will affect in Market cap/share price?

I recently know that market cap directly proportional to " no of outstanding shares and current share price"…
but , when i overcome this data, another doubt came into the mind…
i.e, alright , if share price increase, market cap will also increase and there is no doubt…


if i bought “CNC” 1,000,000 RELIANCE it will take t+2 to in my account…same time/day, if thousand people bought 1,000,000 RELIANCE shares , that day RELIANCE Share defently going to be high…there is no doubt and market cap also increase…

now my doubt is, what about MIS ( intraday ) by this same scenario…???
if i and thousand people bought each of 1,000,000 shares in RELIANCE, does it reflect in share price and market cap ???

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

AND…keep going like School Topper 94% in 12th CBSE…AND GOD BLESSINGS ALWAYS BE WITH YOU…AND and ans my qus ?

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Any change in Price reflects in the Market Cap irrespective of the order (MIS, CNC).

While order matching there is no difference between MIS and CNC. Your MIS order could be matched with someone else’s CNC order and vice versa. The MIS orders were introduced to create liquidity in the market.