Analysis & Key Levels for Aug 09, 2021

Key Levels for Nifty Futures

  • Bulls to control above 16289. Targets on the upside are 16313, 16338, 16371.

  • Bears to control below 16253. Targets on the downside are 16223, 16203, 16163.

Note: The levels are based on Nifty Futures chart. Click here to see how to use the Key Levels.

Nifty Futures Chart (5-minute Timeframe)

What is your market view for Aug 09, 2021 with respect to Nifty?

  • Bullish
  • Moderately Bullish
  • Sideways
  • Moderately Bearish
  • Bearish

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If you are looking for Banknifty, Reliance & Infosys Key Levels, please check here.

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Sir,I couldn’t find an banknifty key levels for today.

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Please check the following link.

Hi…tmrw BN levels wil b updated???

@karthik1 Updates will be available before 8 AM on every trading day.

Mostly (99% of the time) I update them around 9 or 10 pm the same day.

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